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Worst Crime Against Humanity:

Suppressing Women's Capabilities
to Make Weak Men Feel Strong

Modern women struggle to define themselves individually and collectively while continuously being bombarded with messages from the media, advertisements, family, friends, TV, movies, religions, cultural norms, etc., that reinforce "traditional" roles and definitions, which were designed to make weak men feel strong.

Feminine power is as strong as masculine. Whether she has a demure or assertive demeanor should not matter when it comes to respecting a woman’s authority and dignity. She need not "act like a man" to prosper, advance, or be respected.

Men who attack empowered women fear them and their potential. That is why thousands of years of programming have gone into making women feel inferior and subservient to men.

Confidence Gap was conceived to help overcome this programming. The road will not be smooth: Distraction, Dissuasion, Mockery, Ridicule, Cultural/Religious/Family Rules and Customs, threats of force will all be overtly and covertly directed at you by men (and women) threatened by what they perceive your advancement means to them.

We conceived it; you will create it. I know you can.

-- Eric Silver, CyberValley Inc.

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