Mission and Character

Our Mission
Our Mission is to create environments that bring out the best in people who work with us, for us, or buy from us. To never enrich ourselves at their expense or to their detriment.

Our Character
We Reject Profit For The Sake Of Profit; Growth For The Sake Of Growth. Upon reaching a predetermined size our growth stops and our focus shifts to improving the quality of what we sell, the efficiency of how we sell it, and to enhancing life in the communities we serve.

How We Operate
With Reciprocal Trust and Honor. Our clients, customers and sponsors trust us to honor the promises and commitments we make to them and we will always earn that trust.

Why Work With Us?
"My automotive technician told me if I was his boss at his previous shop, he would never have left there. I suppose because my attitude is, "don't mind me, just use your good judgment and create a workplace mood conducive to doing your best work." - - Eric Silver, CyberValley Inc.

That is CyberValley's product: Our ability to identify value you have, but overlook; opportunities that exist, but you don't notice; and create environments that make it easy to express and nurture them, together.

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