The Confidence Gap
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"The Confidence Gap" refers to the gulf between women's and men's confidence levels. Although they can do a thing women often chose not to, because of negative self-perceptions of their capabilities.

The beliefs governing our perceptions of women's value, programmed into our psyches over thousands of years, are so ingrained we are unaware of our obedience to them. Half of mankind's talent is thus wasted because it is not utilized as intelligently, or equitably, as it should be.

Powerful emotions built around those beliefs reinforce compliance with them, while the ability to make choices within their framework convinces us we are free of their influence. The beliefs are accepted as natural, despite logical and intuitive evidence they are not.

Our Mission

Replace Beliefs that diminish women with Facts that empower them.

'Believing' is what we do when we don't Know. (We don't 'believe' water is wet; we know it is.) Beliefs must therefore be replaced with facts that withstand the demands of proof, the scrutiny of reasoning, and remove all doubt about women's equal value.

How This Project Works

Articles, how-to exercises, social events, work, business opportunities, etc., that provide the knowledge, experience, resources and motivation needed to demonstrate what you are capable of, to yourself and the world, will comprise the curriculum we use to convert belief into fact.


Women's Role
It would contradict this project's purpose to define your role for you. You decide individually, in groups, and collectively, which we will accommodate.

Men's Role
The problem with self-empowerment is the 'self' part. Women did not create the confidence gap but are left alone to bridge it. We disagree with that. Men are part of the problem, and thus part of the solution.

Individually, we may not harbor archaic beliefs, but we are beneficiaries of their legacy. We will use what we learn in this project to correct any beliefs and/or associated behaviors that cause us to knowingly or unknowingly diminish women's value. Our role is to:

Listen Carefully and Patiently.
Accept What We Hear Without Judgment.
Offer No Unsolicited 'Solutions' to Perceived 'Problems.'

This work is in our self-interest because it helps shape the type of women we wish for; who bring out the best in us and are our true friends.

Many people (men and women) will criticize this project. Please do not engage them. It is more the responsibility of Other Men, i.e., Us, to address it. Some things we will deal with immediately but others we will save for future use. Nothing will go unchallenged. ;-)
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